General Warning to Others - Bad Debtors, Conmen, Thieves & Liars

Dishonourable and dodgy individuals and organisations - updated 16th May 2024

I am posting this web page as a general warning to others of people and organisations that we have dealt with who have behaved in a generally dishonourable and/or dishonest manner, in terms of non-payment of bills, bad debts, going back on their word, etc. All of the facts on here are true, and we have the documentation to back them up.

Bella Ubhi - Bohemian Dreams - Weddings

She hired a set of walkie-talkie radios from us in May 2016 for a wedding show. She claimed that she had sent them back to us, but the never arrived and she has refused to pay us for them. She is very evasive on the phone, the only way we could ever get her to talk to us was by using 141 or calling from a mobile number that she would not recognise.

Their web site looks very nice, but she has effectively cost us over 1000. For the moment. We will get our bit soon!

Samantha Beverley - Moving Feast Catering

Hired some radios from us, did not ever bring them back. Do not trust her or her business. She stole from us.