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Welcome To Amherst's Online Radio Shop

Amherst sell a wide range of consumer and professional walkie-talkie radios and accessories to go with them, including earpieces, headsets, chargers and battery packs.

We accept payments using all types of debit and credit card.

Please click on any of the brand links above to view the different brands of walkie-talkie radios and accesories that we sell.

Or click the link below for the Walkie-Talkie Shop main page.

Walkie Talkie Radio Shop Main Page

More Information On Our Radios Range

There is more information on our range of radios on our main radios web site here, including applications for walkie-talkies, explanation of the UK rules on licencing for radios and more.

Amherst Main Radios Web Site

Walkie-Talkie Hire

For more information on our range of walkie-talkie radios available for hire throughout the UK, please click the link below.

Radio Hire Web Site